Yangsan Province
Yang san Province
Theatrical poster to Yangsan Province
Director Kim Ki-young[1]
Producer Byeon Sun-je
Planner Byeon Sun-je
Screenplay Lee Tae-hwan
Kim Ki-young
Art director Jang Un-sang
Music Seong Gyeong-rin
Cinematographer Sin Hyeon-ho
Editor Kim Ki-young
Lighting Choe Jin
Production studio Seorabyol Public Films
Released October 13, 1955
Running time 90 min.
Debut theatre Kukdo
Attendance 150,000
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Yangsan Province or Yangsan Island (양산도 / 陽山道 - Yangsan do) is a 1955 film directed by Kim Ki-young.[1]


A wealthy man lusts after a young woman who has been betrothed to another young man since childhood. The two betrothed lovers are married in secret and attempt to escape the village, but the wealthy man's servants attack them and the man falls over a cliff. Returned to her home, the young woman's father kills one of the rich man's servants. The father and the woman are imprisoned until she agrees to marry the rich man. Her husband, recovered from the fall over the cliff, returns to the village and, after learning of her marriage to the rich man, kills himself. His mother stabs the young woman as the marriage procession passes her son's grave, and the two are reunited in death.[1]




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