Theatrical poster to Woman
Director Jung Jin-woo[1]
Yu Hyun-mok
Kim Ki-young
Producer Park Gwan-sik
Planner Park Won-seok
Screenplay Lee Eun-seong
Kim Seung-ok
Kim Ki-young
Art director Kim Ho-geun
Music Han Sang-ki
Cinematographer Jang Seok-jun
Son Hyeon-chae
Choe Ho-jin
Editor Kim Hee-su
Lighting Go Hae-jin
Sound recording Lee Kyeong-sun
Production studio Korea Art Movie
Released December 23, 1968
Running time 100 min.
Debut theatre Jungang
Attendance 49,000
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Woman (여 / 女 - Yeo) is a 1968 film directed by Jung Jin-woo, Yu Hyun-mok, and Kim Ki-young.[1]


While hiking up Mount Seorak, a man and woman become acquainted. The woman is suffering from a fatal disease, and, because of the man's infatuation with her hair, promises to leave some for him after her death.[1]




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