The Wedding Day
The Wedding Day
Theatrical poster to The Wedding Day
Director Lee Byung-il
Producer Lee Byung-il
Planner Kim Eun-u
Screenplay O Yeong-jin
Assistant director Lee Byeong-yeong
Im Han-rim
Art director Yim Myung-sun
Music Yim Won-sik
Cinematographer Lym Byung-ho
Lighting Kim Seong-chun
Sound recording Lee Sang-man
Property Jeong Eung-sam
Costume designer Kim Suk
Production studio Dong A Films
Released November 27, 1956
Running time 70 min.
Debut theatre Sudo
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The Wedding Day (시집가는 날 - Sijibganeun nal) is a 1956 film directed by Lee Byung-il.[1]


A father is happy that his daughter will marry into a wealthy family, until he hears that the bridegroom is partly crippled. Feeling that he could not give his daughter in marriage to a cripple, he arranges for his maid to be substituted. When, on the wedding day, the groom turns out to be handsome and healthy, he regrets his actions, but gives the maid as the bride anyway.[1]




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