The Wanderer
The Wanderer
Theatrical poster to The Wanderer
Director Lee Man-heung
Producer Park Gyeong-ju
Planner Choe Hyeong-ryul
Jeong Yeong-gu
Based on Kim Yong-Jae
Assistant director Park Myeong-heung
Im Han-rim
Park Guk-won
Art director Park Seok-in
Music Jeon O-seung
Cinematographer Kim Gwang-yeol
(김광열 / 김광렬)
Editor Kim Young-hee
Lighting Seo Myeong-hun
Sound recording Choe Chil-bok
Lee Sang-man
Production studio Dae Yang Films
Released July 18, 1957
Running time 96 min.
Debut theatre Cinema Korea
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The Wanderer (김삿갓 / 金삿갓 - Gimsatgat) is a 1957 film directed by Lee Man-heung.[1]


Because of his grandfather's politics, a young man is unable to attain a government position. He becomes an itinerant poet, eventually settling in a town where he opens a school. When he falls in love with a young woman who turns out to be the daughter of his grandfather's political enemy, he again takes for the road, and the woman becomes a Buddhist nun.[1]




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