The Unforgettable People
The Unforgettable People
Theatrical poster to The Unforgettable People
Director Yu Jae-won
Producer Jeon Rim
Planner Jeon Chung-rim
Screenplay Jeon Rim
Yu Jae-won
Art director Gal I-jun
Music Kim Dae-hyeon
Cinematographer Lee Seok-chul
Editor Yu Jae-won
Lighting Lee Byeong-jun
Production studio Eun Seong Films
Released March 7, 1957
Debut theatre Kukdo
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The Unforgettable People (잊을 수 없는 사람들 - Ij-eul su eobsneun salamdeul) is a 1957 film directed by Yu Jae-won.[1]


A Korean War widow remarries. Her first husband reappears, and tries to kill his wife's new husband. The woman tries to convince her first husband that her new husband is not to blame, but he refuses to accept her explanation. She tells her first husband that she will send her new husband to church to meet him at an appointed time. When they meet, the first husband stabs the new husband in the heart, then finds that it is actually his wife in disguise.[1]




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