The Tragic Prince
The Tragic Prince
Theatrical poster to The Tragic Prince
Director Ahn Jong-hwa
Producer Byeon Sun-je
Planner Byeon Sun-je
Screenplay Lee Un-bang
Assistant director Lee Jae-su
Art director Seo Min
Music Ji Yeong-hui
Cinematographer Choe Ho-jin
Editor Kim Young-hee
Lighting Choe Jin
Seo Yeong-heon
Property Seok Do-cheol
Costume designer Seok Do-cheol
Production studio Seorabol Public Films
Released November 25, 1956
Debut theatre Kukdo
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The Tragic Prince (사도세자 - Sadoseja) is a 1956 film directed by Ahn Jong-hwa.[1]


Due to the rules of succession, Sadoseja is reluctantly made King by the retiring King Young-jo. When Sadoseja's weak character is used to the advantages of partisans, Young-jo rescinds the rule of succession and kills Sadoseja by locking him in a rice box.[1]




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