The Pure Love
The Pure Love
Theatrical poster to The Pure Love
Director Han Hyung-mo
Producer Eom Mun-geun
Planner Lee Rae-won
Screenplay Yoo Du-Yeon
Based on Park Kye-Ju
Art director Park Seok-in
Music Kim Dong-jin
Cinematographer Lee Seong-hwi
Editor Han Hyung-mo
Lighting Lee Beom-geun
Production studio Han Hyeong-Mo Production
Released November 15, 1957
Running time 105 min.
Debut theatre Kukdo
Attendance 100,000
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The Pure Love or Report of Sincere Love (순애보 / 純愛譜 - Sun-aebo) is a 1957 film directed by Han Hyung-mo.[1] It was one of three South Korean films to sell more than 100,000 tickets in Seoul during its year of release.[2]


A painter living on a beach rescues a drowning woman. Though the woman falls in love with him, he does not return her feelings. He meets an old neighborhood friend, they fall in love, and plan to be married. A jealous man kills the woman who had been rescued, and frames the painter for the act. When he refuses to defend himself, the murderer confesses.[1]




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