The Principal Visits Seoul
The Principal Visits Seoul
Theatrical poster to The Principal Visits Seoul
Director Shin Sang-ok[1]
Screenplay Shin Bong-seung
Cinematographer Gang Yong-nam
Production studio An Yang Films
Released May 18, 1973
Running time 98 min.
Debut theatre Kukdo
Attendance 13,131
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The Principal Visits Seoul (교장선생 상경기 - Gyojang seonsaeng sanggyeonggi) is a 1973 film directed by Shin Sang-ok.[1]


A retired principal of a school on an island travels to Seoul to see his old students. He discovers that those who are successful have become insensitive, while the unfortunate ones help each other out. When he gets on the train to return home, a group of his former students see him off.[1]




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