The Ownerless Ferryboat
The Ownerless Ferryboat
Theatrical poster to The Ownerless Ferryboat
Director Lee Gyu-hwan
Producer Gang Jeong-won
Planner Gang Jeong-won
Screenplay Lee Gyu-hwan
Cinematographer Lee Myeong-u
Editor Lee Gyu-hwan
Production studio Yoo Shin Kinema
Released September 14, 1932
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The Ownerless Ferryboat (임자없는 나룻배 - Imjaeobtneun naleutbae) is a 1932 film directed by Lee Gyu-hwan.[1]


A poor farmer and his wife sell their land and move to Seoul in hopes of a better life. The farmer works as a rikshaw man until his wife needs hospitalization and he steals to pay for her bills. After he is released from prison for the theft, he discovers that his wife is having an affair. With his daughter he returns to the countryside where he works as a ferryman. After ten years of this life, a bridge is built which takes away the ferryman's means of living. He dies when he is hit by a train while trying to destroy the bridge, and his daughter dies in a housefire.[1]




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