The Life
The Life
Theatrical poster to The Life
Director Lee Chang-chun
Producer Kim Je-jin
Planner Seo Gi-yeong
Art director Gal I-jun
Music Kim Yong-hwan
Kim Dong-jin
Cinematographer Lee Chang-chun
Editor Lee Chang-chun
Lighting Kim Yeong-dal
Production studio Star Films
Released December 10, 1957
Debut theatre Jungang
KMDb profile

The Life (인생화보 - Insaenghwabo) is a 1957 film directed by Lee Chang-chun.[1]


In the aftermath of the Korean War, an orphaned woman loses the bag which contained her family's acquired wealth of 100 million won. In order to survive, she engaged in theft and prostitution while living in Pusan. The father of two brothers with whom she has sexual relations has suddenly and mysteriously become wealthy. A detective investigates and learns that he had found a bag containing 100 million won.[1]




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