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The Hand of Destiny
The Hand of Destiny (1954)
Theatrical poster to The Hand of Destiny
Director Han Hyung-mo
Producer Han Hyung-mo
Screenplay Kim Seong-min
Art director Lee Bong-seon
Music Park Si-chun
Cinematographer Lee Seong-hwi
Editor Han Hyung-mo
Lighting Lee Han-chan
Sound recording Choe Chil-bok
Production studio Han Hyeong-Mo Production
Released December 14, 1954
Running time 85 min.
Debut theatre Sudo
Attendance 50,000
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The Hand of Destiny (운명의 손 - Eunmyeongui son) is a 1954 film directed by Han Hyung-mo.[1]


Romantic entaglements result in tragedy when a female North Korean spy in South Korea falls in love with a South Korean anti-espionage agent.[1]




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