The Gate
The Gate
Theatrical poster to The Gate
Director Yu Hyun-mok
Producer Kang Dae-jin
Screenplay Kim Ji-heon
Assistant director Lee Gwang-ju
Art director Kim Seong-bae
Music Choi Chang-kwon
Cinematographer Jung Il-sung
Editor Kim Jin-tae
Lighting Seo Byeong-su
Sound recording Lee Young-kil
Son Hyo-sin
Property Lee Tai-woo
Production studio Sam Young Films
Released May 13, 1978
Running time 110 min.
Debut theatre Dongbu
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The Gate (문 / 門 - Mun) is a 1978 film directed by Yu Hyun-mok.[1]


The son of a famous court musician pursues engineering rather than music and travels for his career. Hearing that his father has died, he returns to Korea to learn the circumstances behind his death. On Halla Mountain he hears from the daughter of a great kayageum-player that his father died after hearing the kayageum-players rendition of a famous song on the subject of the importance of music.[1]





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