Story of Lady Suk-Young
Story of Lady Suk-Young
Theatrical poster to Story of Lady Suk-Young
Director Sin Hyeon-ho
Producer U Bok-hwan
Planner Kim Gwan-yeong
Screenplay Lee Un-bang
Art director Yim Myung-sun
Music Park Si-chun
Cinematographer Sin Hyeon-ho
Editor Sin Hyeon-ho
Lighting Lee Han-chan
Yim Myung-sun
Sound recording Lee Kyeong-sun
Production studio Hyeob Dong Films
Released December 31, 1956
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Story of Lady Suk-Young (숙영낭자전 - Sukyeongnangjajeon) is a 1956 film directed by Sin Hyeon-ho.[1]


A husband leaves for the capital to take the state exams. While he is gone, his parents torment his wife so badly that she commits suicide by stabbing herself in the heart. No one can remove the knife from her chest. When he returns and finds his wife dead, the man pulls the knife from her heart. At that moment a bluebird appears, and the man spends the rest of his life with this, believing it is his wife's soul.[1]




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