School Excursion
School Excursion
Theatrical poster to School Excursion
Director Yu Hyun-mok
Producer Seong Dong-ho
Lee Jong-byeok
Planner Kim Seung-eop
Screenplay Lee Sang-hyeon
Assistant director Park Seung-gwan
Lee Myeong-sik
Art director Kim Ho-geun
Music Kim Dong-jin
Cinematographer Min Jeong-sik
Editor Ree Kyoung-ja
Lighting Dept. Son Han-su
Sound recording Choi Hyung-rai
Property Chu Gyo-hwan
Production studio Dong Yang Films
Released January 23, 1969
Running time 115 min.
Debut theatre Myeongbo
Attendance 35,560
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School Excursion (수학여행 / 修學旅行 - Suhak yeohaeng) is a 1969 film directed by Yu Hyun-mok.[1]


A teacher on an isolated South Korean island wants to take his students on an excursion to Seoul to introduce them to contemporary culture. Despite the provincial parents' objections, he succeeds in his plans.[1]





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