Sadness of Heredity
Sadness of Heredity
Theatrical poster to Sadness of Heredity
Director Yu Hyun-mok
Producer Yu Seong-jae
Planner Chang Il
Screenplay Jo Nam-sa
Art director Park Seok-in
Music Kim Yong-hwan
Cinematographer Kim Myeong-je
Editor Yang Ju-nam
Lighting Go Hae-jin
Production studio HanSeong Film
Released July 25, 1956
Debut theatre Danseongsa
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Sadness of Heredity (유전의 애수 - Yujeon-ui aesu) is a 1956 film directed by Yu Hyun-mok.[1]


Mu-ryong, a son of a rich family, is in love with the prostitute Mun Jeong-suk. When his family oppose their union, the two run away. Jeong-suk's body is later found floating in the river.[1]




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