Ok Dan-jun
Ok Dan-jun
Theatrical poster to Ok Dan-jun
Director Gwon Yeong-sun
Producer Park Bok-man
Planner Choe Heung-ryeol
Screenplay Lee Jeong-seon
Lee Hyeon
Art director Chung Woo-taek
Music Park Si-chun
Cinematographer Gang Yeong-hwa
Editor Gwon Yeong-sun
Lighting Lee Jong-seon
Production studio Dongbang Film
Released July 13, 1956
Debut theatre Danseongsa
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KMDb profile

Ok Dan-jun (옥단춘) is a 1956 film directed by Gwon Yeong-sun.[1] This film was Gwon's directorial debut.[2]


A traditional story of a gisaeng in Pyeongyang who maintains her virtue despite temptation.[1]




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