Nol-Bu and Heung-Bu
Nol-Bu and Heung-Bu
Theatrical poster to Nol-Bu and Heung-Bu
Director Lee Gyeong-seon
Producer Hwang Yong-ju
Planner Gang Yeong-hwa
Screenplay Lee Gyeong-Seon
Art director Kim Yong-hwan
Music Kim Seong-tae
Cinematographer Gang Yeong-hwa
Editor Lee Gyeong-seon
Sound recording Choe Chil-bok
Production studio Keum Kang Films
Released May 8, 1950
Debut theatre Kukjae
Attendance 100,000
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Nol-Bu and Heung-Bu or Heung-Bu and Nol-Bu (놀부와 흥부 - Nolbu wa Heungbu) is a 1950 film directed by Lee Gyeong-seon.[1] It was one of only two Korean films to sell 100,000 tickets in Seoul in 1950.[2]


The traditional story of two brothers. Stingy Nolb-Bu kicks good-hearted Heung-bu out of the family house. When Heung-bu finds a sparrow with a broken leg, he heals it. The sparrow brings Heung-bu a seed which grows into a giant gourd. Inside the gourd are gold and riches. Heung-bu is now rich and Nol-Bu jealous.[1]




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