Mrs. Kang Byeon
Mrs. Kang Byeon
Theatrical poster to Mrs. Kang Byeon
Director Choi Dong-joon[1]
Screenplay Choi Dong-joon
Based on Choi Dong-joon
Assistant director Lee Kwang-sub
Im Pil-hyeong
Music Kang Keun-shik
Cinematographer Kim Deok-jin
Editor Hyeon Dong-chun
Lighting Gang Gwang-hui
Sound recording Lee Jae-woong
Kim Kyeong-il
Choe Gyeong-sang
Scripter Jo Gwang-sik
Production studio Woo Sung Enterprises Co.
Released January 1, 1981
Running time 107 min.
Debut theatre Kukdo (Seoul)
Attendance 28,632 (Seoul)
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Mrs. Kang Byeon or Madam Riverside (강변부인 / 江邊夫人 - Kangbyeon buin) is a 1981 film directed by Choi Dong-joon.[1]




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