Homeless Angel
Homeless Angel
Theatrical poster to Homeless Angel
Director Choi In-kyu
Producer Lee Chang-yong
Planner Choi Wan-gyoo
Kim Jeong-hyeok
Screenplay Suh Kwi Won Jung
Motosada Nishikame
(니시가메 모토사다) (Japan)
Art director Kim Jeong-hang
Music Kim Jun-yeong
Senji Itou
(이토 센지)
Cinematographer Kim Hak-seong
Editor Kim Hwa-rang
Lighting Choe Jin
Sound recording Yang Ju-nam
Production studio Koryo Film Association
Released February 19, 1941
Running time 73 min.
Debut theatre Seongbo
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Homeless Angel (집 없는 천사 - Jibeopneun cheonsa) is a 1941 film directed by Choi In-kyu.[1] The screenplay was by the Japanese writer Motosada Nishikame. Distributed in Japan by the Towa Company, it received positive reviews.[2]


A poor brother and sister are sold to unscrupulous people as children. The brother runs away to join a group of street orphans, and is eventually taken in by an orphanage. The orphanage owner finds the sister and takes her in, reuniting the siblings.[1]




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