Theatrical poster to Homeless
Director Shin Sang-ok[1]
Producer Shin Sang-ok
Screenplay Gwak Il-ro
Art director Chung Woo-taek
Music Hwang Mun-pyeong
Cinematographer Choi Seung-woo
Editor O Seong-hwan
Lighting Ma Yong-cheon
Production studio Shin Films
Released June 27, 1968
Running time 97 min.
Debut theatre Kukdo
Attendance 44,453
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Homeless or A Vagabond or The Homeless Wanderer (무숙자 / 無宿者 - Musukja) is a 1968 film directed by Shin Sang-ok.[1]


A wanderer in Manchuria helps save a farming family from attack by bandits. The father of the family is killed in the battle, and the wanderer stays to help the family. Though he grows close to the family, realizing his wandering nature he eventually leaves them.[1]




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