Golden Bat
Golden Bat
Newspaper ad for Golden Bat
Director Shin Sang-ok[1]
Producer Shin Sang-ok
Planner Park Seong-ho
Screenplay Park Seong-ho
Art director O Seong-hwan
Music Jeon Jong-kun
Editor O Seong-hwan
Lighting Ma Yong-cheon
Production studio Dong-yang Television
Jae-il Dong-hwa
Released 1968
Debut theatre Kukjae
Attendance 60,000
KMDb profile

Golden Bat (황금박쥐 / 黄金박쥐 - Hwanggeum Bakjwi) is a 1968 film directed by Shin Sang-ok.[1] A popular program on Dong-yang Television, the newspaper ad art-work and title indicate it is based on Japan's Golden Bat / Ōgon Batto (film released in 1966, character dating to the early 1930s). Whether this film is a Koreanized-Japanese film, or an original Korean film based on the character is not clearly indicated.


An animated film about the crime-fighter, Golden Bat.[1]



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