Forever with You
Forever with You
Theatrical poster to Forever with You
Director Yu Hyun-mok
Producer Bang Dae-hun
Planner Yu Chung-yeon
Screenplay Park Seong-ho
Art director Lee Bong-seon
Cinematographer Byeon In-jib
Editor Yu Hyun-mok
Lighting Go Hae-jin
Production studio Sam Sung Films
Released January 15, 1958
Running time 109 min.
Debut theatre Kukdo
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Forever with You (그대와 영원히 / 그대와 永遠히 - Geudaewa yeongwonhi) is a 1958 film directed by Yu Hyun-mok.[1]


Three young boys are members of a pickpocket gang. Gwang-pil, one of the three, is in love with Ae-ran. When the gang robs the U.S. military, only Gwang-pil is caught and is sent to juvenile reformatory. He escapes to see Ae-ran who is now working at a bar. The police catch him and he is sent to prison for ten years. During that time, Ae-ran marries one of the other members of the gang, while the third member has given up crime and become a monk. Upon release from prison, Gwang-pil meets Ae-ran and her 9-year old daughter whom he suspects is his own. He arrives just too late to meet Ae-ran, who has died.[1]




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