Flames in the Valley
Flames in the Valley
Theatrical poster to Flames in the Valley
Director Kim Soo-yong[1]
Producer Kim Tai-soo
Planner An Seung-jun
Kim In-gi
Screenplay Shin Bong-seung
Based on Cha Beom-Seok
Assistant director Cho Moon-jin
Art director Lee Bong-seon
Music Jeong Yoon-joo
Cinematographer Hong Dong-hyuk
Editor Yu Jae-won
Lighting Son Yeong-cheol
Sound recording Choi Hyung-rae
Property Chu Gyo-hwan
Make-up Jang In-han
Recording Lee Kyeong-sun
Scripter Seo Jin-seong
Production studio Tae Chang Enterprises Co., Ltd
Released April 22, 1967
Running time 80 min.
Debut theatre Myeongbo
Attendance 70,000
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Flames in the Valley or Flame in the Valley or Flame the Valley or Forest Fire(산불 - Sanbul) is a 1967 film directed by Kim Soo-yong.[1]


Awards and NominationsEdit


Flames in the Valley 2

Alternate poster to Flames in the Valley


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