Theatrical poster to Crossroad
Director Yu Hyun-mok[1]
Producer Kim In-geol
Planner Ye Dam
Screenplay Lee Cheong-gi
Art director Yim Myung-sun
Music Kim Seong-tae
Cinematographer Kim Deok-jin
Editor Kim Deok-jin
Lighting Ham Wan-seob
Production studio Keum Seong Films
Released January 15, 1956
Debut theatre Kukdo
IMDb profile
KMDb profile

Crossroad (교차로 / 交叉路 - Gyocharo) is a 1956 film directed by Yu Hyun-mok.[1] It was the directorial debut of this noted filmmaker.[2]


Twin daughters are raised in different homes. One is raised by a poor family, the other by a rich family. They meet and together seek their birth parents. Actress Jo Mi-ryeong plays the roles of both sisters.[1]




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