Cheol-jong and Bok-nyeo
Cheol-jong and Bok-nyeo
Theatrical poster to Cheol-jong and Bok-nyeo
Director Shin Sang-ok[1]
Producer Shin Sang-ok
Screenplay Lee Seo-gu)
Art director Chung Woo-taek)
Music Jeong Yoon-joo)
Cinematographer Kim Jong-rae)
Editor Kim Young-hee)
Lighting Ma Yong-cheon)
Production studio Shin Films
Released June 27, 1963
Running time 100 min.
Budget approx. KRW 5,000,000[2]
Debut theatre Myeongbo
Attendance 50,000
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Cheol-jong and Bok-nyeo or King Cheoljong and Bongnyeo (철종과 복녀 - Cheoljonggwa boknyeo) is a 1963 film directed by Shin Sang-ok.[1]


As a child, King Cheoljong was cared for by a girl named Bongnyeo. His wish to meet the girl again distracts him from his government duties. The queen calls for Bongnyeo so that Cheoljong can see her again. Bongnyeo tells the King to rule wisely and gently. The King is inspired to be a good ruler, but dies young due to an assassination plot.[1]



Cheol-jong and Bok-nyeo 2

Alternate poster to Cheol-jong and Bok-nyeo


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