Bun-rye's Story
Bun-rye's Story
Theatrical poster to Bun-rye's Story
Director Yu Hyun-mok
Producer Kim Tai-soo
Screenplay Bang Young-Wung
Based on Bang Young-Wung
Music Kim Hee-jo
Cinematographer You Young-gill
Editor Kim Chang-sun
Lighting Cha Jung-nam
Production studio Tae Chang Enterprises
Released March 31, 1971
Running time 102 min.
Debut theatre Kukdo
Attendance 96,281
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Bun-rye's Story (분례기 / 糞禮記 - Bun-ryegi) is a 1971 film directed by Yu Hyun-mok.[1]


Bun-rye is a poor girl who is raped by Yong-pal. She becomes a concubine of the impotent gambler, Young-Cheol. Young-Cheol takes out his frustrations on Bun-rye, eventually disowning her. When another admirer of Bun-rye kills Young-Cheol, she goes insane.[1]





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