Arirang (1954)
Theatrical poster to Arirang
Director Lee Kang-cheon[1]
Producer Kim Yeong-chang
Planner Lee Seok-cheon
Screenplay Jo Jin-gu
Art director Lee Kang-cheon
Music Park Si-chun
Cinematographer Gang Yeong-hwa
Editor Lee Kang-cheon
Production studio Bakho Production
Released June 11, 1954
Debut theatre Shigonggwan
Attendance 100,000
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Arirang (아리랑) is a 1954 film directed by Lee Kang-cheon.[1] It was the only South Korean film to sell more than 100,000 tickets in Seoul in its year of release.[2]


During the Korean War, two American soldiers hide in the barn of Yeong-jin, a mentally ill farmer in an area controlled by the North Koreans. Yeong-jin's sister helps the soldiers and refuses to allow her father to turn them into the North. Gi-ho is in love with Yeong-jin's sister, and uses his knowledge of the American soldiers to attempt to blackmail her into marrying him. Yeong-jin kills Gi-ho, and regains his sanity.[1]




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