Aimless Bullet
Aimless Bullet
Theatrical poster to Aimless Bullet
Director Yu Hyun-mok
Producer Kim Seong-chun
Planner Park Kyoung-sik
Screenplay Lee Jong-Ki
Based on Lee Beom-Seon
Assistant director Mun Sang-heon
Choi Jin
Lee Jae-heon
Heo Seung-nyeon
Art director Baek Nam-jun
Lee Su-jin
Music Kim Seong-tae
Cinematographer Kim Hak-seong
Editor Kim Hee-su
Lighting Kim Seong-chun
Sound recording Lee Sang-man
Property Kim Yeong-ho
Production studio Dae Han Films
Released April 13, 1961
Running time 107 min.
Debut theatre Kukjae
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Aimless Bullet (오발탄 / 誤發彈 - Obaltan) is a 1961 film directed by Yu Hyun-mok.[1]


A man works hard to support his family-- his under-fed, pregnant wife, his senile mother, his lazy, troublesome younger brother, his prostitute sister, and two young children. His salary is not enough to keep them in their shantytown, let alone to fix his decayed tooth. In a distraught state of mind, he wanders aimlessly.[1]




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