A Tender Heart
A Tender Heart
Theatrical poster to A Tender Heart
Director Shin Sang-ok[1]
Producer Shin Sang-ok
Screenplay Choi Keum-dong
Based on Park Jong-Hwa
Art director Chung Woo-taek
Music Kim Hee-jo
Cinematographer Kim Jong-rae
Editor O Seong-hwan
Lighting Kim Dae-jin
Sound recording Yu Chang-ju
(Sim Jae-hun
Property Yang Jae-hwan
Costume designer Jeon Gyeong-suk
Production studio Shin Films
Released April 28, 1967
Budget approx. KRW 11,000,000[2]
Debut theatre Kukdo
Attendance 109,719
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A Tender Heart (다정불심 / 多情佛心 - Dajeongbulsim) is a 1967 film directed by Shin Sang-ok.[1]


Late Goryeo Dynasty King Gongmin becomes distracted from ruling properly because of his grief over the death of Gueen Noguk. He turns leadership over to the licentious monk Sindon, so that Gongmin can devote himself to Buddhist teachings. Under Sindon the court becomes chaotic. One of King Gongmin's wives has an affair and becomes pregnant. While attempting to kill a witness to this scandal, King Gongmin is himself killed.[1]




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